In the mighty name of Jesus  

I pray that I will not answer to the voices of my enemies. Society will not corrupt neither my body nor my mind. My appearance will show examples of godliness, My spirit shall resist corruption, My eyes will not see indecency, My mouth shall not transgress, My hands will not do evil And my legs shall not walk into trouble. I will not walk into adversity because Jesus is on my side. Every misfortune will pass over .Every yoke over my life is destroyed. Every burden are now being taken away by the power of Jesus.

Any power either in the spiritual or physical world against me shall fail. No weapon formed against me shall prosper And every tongue that rises up in judgment will be condemned

I declare, through the authority of Jesus’ name That my mind is filled with peace. My heart is overflowed with love. My life is full of joy and happiness. I will survive this world I will conquer Because all things are possible In Jesus, Amen!

I now accept prosperity into my life I accept abundance into my life I accept success and well-being I speak into existence: Perfect health for my body, Perfect wealth for my family and future generations. Perfect overwhelming and abundant love in my life, Perfect happiness and joy in my heart, Perfect clarity and peace in my mind.

I speak these things in faith I activate them now In the mighty name of Jesus. Victory is now flowing to me. Prosperity is mine, Success is mine. I believe so For the earth is the Lord’s my Father and everything in it and all who live in it Thank you, Jehovah-Jireh, my provider Thank you for bringing them to pass in my life In the Name of Jesus Amen!


I AM Blessed I AM Prosperous I AM Successful I AM Victorious I AM Open to new possibilities I AM Thriving I Am Growing and advancing I AM Able to create wealth I AM Wealthy I AM Debt Free I AM Creating a life of abundance I AM Winning I AM Talented and Creative I AM Living the dream I AM A Child of the Most High God Yes, I AM all these things Yes, I AM, I AM